Contest Rules

For this editing contest the rules are simple.

Download the RAW (.DNG) image from the dropbox link below and edit it to suit your personal style or vision for the image. There is no limit on software or tools to use when working on the image. Lightroom, Photoshop, Camera Raw, anything that you want to use.

I have chosen an image of an Ocean City PD vehicle ticketing a bagged Lexus that I shot while attending H2Oi in September of 2018. The image was underexposed to preserve as much detail as possible in the gorgeous sunset. Editing this image will evaluate your ability to selectively process a photo and bring back underexposed areas while maintaining a proper exposure in the sky. Of course remember to have fun and be as creative as possible with the edit as well!

All photos are to be submitted by Feb. 21, 2019 via email to in a jpeg format. Please include your instagram handle in your submission email.

Share your photo to your instagram story and tag @basisvisuals to be featured before the contest begins!

The Judging

From here, the top 8 entries will be posted to the @basisvisuals instagram story where a bracket style tournament will start.

The winner at the end will win a Basis Visuals t-shirt and slap sticker!

All competitors will also receive a 15% discount off of the entire webstore including booking shoots.

The Image

Click the link below to access the .DNG (RAW) file to begin your editing.